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Kahlan prepares to confess Niles

Episode No.   Season
11 1x11 One
Original air date 31 January 2009
Teleplay by Kenneth Biller & Stephen Tolkin
Directed by Garth Maxwell
Chronological Information
Preceded by Sacrifice
Followed by Home

Plot Edit

Richard and Kahlan travel to East Marwen where a resistance fighter, Connor has ben murdered. Kahlan investigates and confesses a man named Niles, who is then executed but proven innocent later on. As the pair try to unravel the mystery, they learn of Azzallel's Orb, a device which instills false memories in its victims' heads. Meanwhile, Zedd goes homewards for the key to the Ancient Crypt of Tavol'Rang, and has an unpleasant run-in with his brother, Thaddicus.

Cast Edit

Guest Starring Edit

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