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Dell "Chase" Brandstone
Chase Brandstone
Species: Human
Gender: Male   Male
Born: Hartland
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Jay Laga'aia
  ●   First Appearance: "Prophecy"
  ●   Last Appearance: "Conversion"

Dell Brandstone, commonly known as Chase, is one of the boundary wardens and an old friend of Richard Cypher.


Early life & familyEdit

Chase lived in Hartland with his wife Emma Brandstone, along with their many children, including Laura Brandstone. They lived in a house outside Hartland where they lived a quiet life.

He has also known Richard since the young man was a child and "crawled on all fours".

Serving the First CouncilorEdit

To Be Added

Encounters with RichardEdit

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Season 1 appearances
Prophecy Destiny Bounty Brennidon Listener Elixir Identity
Denna Puppeteer Sacrifice Confession Home Revenant Hartland
Conversion Bloodline Deception Mirror Cursed Sanctuary Fever

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