Demmin Nass
Demmin Nass
Birth name: Demmin Nass
Alias: Darken Rahl
Species: Human
Gender: Male   Male
Status: Dead

Darken Rahl

  ●   First Appearance: Identity
  ●   Last Appearance: Sacrifice

Demmin Nass was Darken Rahl's friend since childhood and was second in command of the D'Haran Army.


Alliance with Darken RahlEdit


When Demmin Nass and his troops (confessed) were at the beach slowing Serena and the confessed Zedd, Serena ordered Zedd to stop the D'haran forces. Zedd sent fireballs against the soldiers and Demmin Nass, which one by one died. 


  • Demmin Nass was played by ???


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