Emily Foxler
Emily Foxler
Born: August 3, 1984
Uppsala, Uppsala län, Sweden
Full name: Emily Malou Fuxler, a.k.a. Emily Baldoni
Age: 33
Plays: Sister Corsha (formerly)
Gender: Female   Female

Emily Foxler is a Swedish-born actress living in the US who played Nicci in Legend of The Seeker, after she was resurrected (formerly played by Jolene Blalock).


Foxler was born in Sweden on August 3rd, 1984. She is known for her acting in other TV shows and movies besides Legend of The Seeker. Examples include:

  • Grizzly Park (2008) - Bebe
  • Killer Pad (2008} - Lucy
  • The Lost Tribe (2010) - Anna


As Corsha:

Season 2Edit

As Nicci

Season 2Edit

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