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Nicci (Emily Foxler)

Emily Foxler as Sister Nicci

Species: Human
Gender: Female   Female
Caste: Sorceress
Title: Sister
Portrayed by: Jolene Blalock
  Emily Foxler
  ●   First Appearance: Dark
  ●   Last Appearance: Tears

Nicci was a former Sister of the Light and Dark.

Sister of the LightEdit

When Nicci was a young Novice with the sisters of the light, she was violated by a man and after she gave him the opportunity to repent, and he failed, The keeper gave her the strentgh to kill the man. From that point on, Nicci served the keeper secretly and became a Sister of the Dark.

Sister of the DarkEdit


Nicci's original appearance (Portrayed by Jolene Blalock)

When Richard Cypher came to the Palace of the Prophets, she was the one to tell him of the Prelates lies. She convinced Richard to give her his Han, making her extremely powerful. But sister Verna put a Rada'Han around her neck, taking away her powers.

The Prelate and Verna tried to get her to tell her the other sisters of the dark's plans and names, she did but, the plans were already well in motion. The other Sisters used magic to set her free and she escaped and joined up with her sisters. They all atempted to kill the Seeker and the First Wizard and the Mother Confesser, but Zedd and Richard worked together and killed Nicci with her own magic.


Another Sister of the Dark sacrificed her life, and the others Sisters of the Dark brought back Nicci's spirit from the Underworld and placed it into the new body.


Nicci being brought back to life

Nicci was eventually betrayed by her Sisters and she placed Kahlan Amnell under the Maternity Spell, which made it so everything that happened to Nicci happened to Kahlan, forcing Richard to help Nicci. Richard convinced Nicci that she doesn't need to serve the Keeper anymore and she tells Darken Rahl's spirit that her power is her own and no one elses, and leaves the service of the Keeper.

Nicci's sisters betraying her


Nicci showed up at the Mord-Sith temple, and nearly boiled Darken Rahl alive in an attempt to discover where Richard was taking the Stone of Tears. She caught up with Zedd, Cara, and Kahlan, and absorbded enough of Kahlan's Han and confessed her with her own magic.

Nicci was the one who fufilled the Creator's newest prophey and blinded the Seeker. Cara shot her with an arrow, which killed her, but her last command for Kahlan was to bring her the stone of tears, which might be able to bring her back even after death. Because Kahlan was confessed with her own magic she remained confessed, but things didn't go Nicci's way.

Darken Rahl and his Mord-Sith came upon Nicci's body not long after she died and the Veil repaired. One of the Mord-Sith revivded Nicci with the breath of life, but Rahl had already placed a rada'Han around her neck, which rendered her magic useless and she became Rahls prisioner.

Rahl taking control of Nicci's life

Magical AbilitiesEdit

As a Sister of the Light and Dark, Nicci is a very skilled sorceress. She, like the other Sisters of Dark and Light, can use a Dacra to absorb a person's Han.She is also able to sense a person's Han within them and take it by reciting a spell (the person can freely give her his/her Han). She could also cast the Maternity spell which will link her to a person meaning if she dies then the person she casts the Maternity spell on will die as well.She is able to summon the spirit of Darken Rahl.She also at one time absorbed Kahlan's Han and confessed Kahlan with her own Han.When Nicci tricked Richard into freely giving his Han to her she became the most powerful sorceress in the world making her extremely dangerous.

Wizard HanEdit

After taking it from Richard, Nicci was able to wield Additive and Subtractive magic, she was able to do various things such as teleporting. She was also shown stopping Dacras from hitting her (unknown if she did it telekinetically or by air manipulation).


Nicci with the Wizard Han allows her shoot bolts of lightning.Nicci was skilled in using lightning, she is able to blast through solid walls,destroy magical barriers and kill people quickly by firing them with a blast of lightning to the chest. She could use her lightning to start fires, Nicci could boil water as well such as when she boiled Darken Rahl in his bath by firing lightning into the waters.

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